Anti-Anxiety Drugs

There are various form of anti anxiety drugs are available which are used to relife from the tension and anxiety. The various anti anxiety drugs have each of a different addiction and tolerance potential. The antianxiety medications occur to affect the action of neurotransmitters in the brain. The anti anxiety drug show the effect in 2 weeks of contious and proper doses. The antianxiety drug contain the some side effects and withdrawal problems. The psychiatrists, doctors can prescribe medications for anxiety disorders. The treatment of anxiety has largely turned from traditional antianxiety agentstherapies. The Anti-anxiety drugs can helpto bring their feelings under control and reduce symptoms of the given problem. The anti anxiety drugs used to quiet and relax the anxious person and remove the troubling symptoms. There are two types of Anti-anxiety Drugs and they are as Anxiolytics and Minor Tranquilizers. These medicines are available only with a physician’s prescription. They are available in the form of tablet, capsule, liquid, rectal, and injectable.

What are the Anti Anxiety Drug?

Alprazolam is an anti-anxiety agent in which benzodiazepine is used basically for short-term relief of mild anxiety and nervous tension. Prozac – These are may be used help to maintain a healthy level of the hormone Seratonin in the brain.

The Beta-blockers are used for the to keep heart from pounding and hands from shaking and other physical symptoms from developing.

The benzodiazepines is may be effective for the anxiety disorders.

Elavil – This medicine is used for the to treat the mental problems. The lorazepam can be used for the treatment of mild anxiety and social phobia.

What are the side effects of Anti Anxiety Drug?


Allergic reactions


Dry mouth


Heart problems

Liver disease

Decreased coordination


Anxiety is most common form of mental illness where we feel anxious due to any circumstances arising which we do not like or do not like to be into. There are lots of drugs available today in the market which claim to be very effective in soothing away anxiety.

Care should be taken while selecting anti-anxiety drugs since they have lots of side-effects or after effects as well. Always consult your doctor before starting any anti anxiety drug. Do not go for over the counter grugs for curing anxiety.