Heartburn Remedy

Millions of people in the world are plagued by chronic heartburn and constantly on the hunt for a quality heartburn remedy. Many over-the-counter treatments are readily available, often complicating the process of finding the best option for an individual’s needs. There are many different categories and types of heartburn remedy out there, but it’s most important to first diagnose the main cause and area of your discomfort.

Acid Neutralizers

These “fast-acting” acid neutralizers are probably the most widely used heartburn remedy on the market. Since bouts of heartburn usually stem from overeating or the acid quantity of food, it is hard to prepare for what will happen. Acid neutralizers combat the effects when they strike and are easily carried on your person, in small tablet form or in a bottle as with the liquid variety. How long it will take each heartburn remedy to work depends on many factors, but it is usually the extent of acid reflux and the amount of time it took to begin before the heartburn remedy was put into motion.

As far as the options in terms of heartburn remedy, it generally comes down to tablet or liquid form. Chewable tablets are very convenient in terms of size and price and will allow you to repeat the chewing process correctly, often a source of heartburn. There are also pills that can be swallowed, to avoid the chalkiness prevalent in the tablet form. Another popular heartburn remedy is the viscous liquid treatment known for added a warm coat to the stomach lining, by which it lowers the acid quantity. If the liquid is too thick for you, there is another liquid option, in which you can drop an effervescent tablet into water and create a sparkling concoction. The feeling of sparkling water can be very pleasant to someone suffering from acid reflux. In the end, it is a good idea to keep looking until one of these choices seems right for you.

Preventive Medications

Besides these so-called acid neutralizers, there are a number of medications used as a preventive form of heartburn remedy. Usually they are in the pill form and are taken on a regular basis on the advice of a physician. Advertised to offer up to twenty-fours of relief, these pills can take some time to go into effect, so read all the instruction carefully so you don’t have to double up on your heartburn remedy.

Those who are plagued by acid reflux on a regular basis can also get into the habit of taking their treatments before eating, as a preventative heartburn remedy. It can be very effective in curbing the acid’s progress before it gets too far. Likewise, those who experience heartburn in the middle of the night ought to try taking preventative action before bed. While many of these extended remedies require a doctor’s prescription, some are also available over-the-counter.