Olvion Review: Lacks Approval from Patients to Compete with Proven Viagra Generics

Olvion Review

Brand: Olvion

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Medochemie Ltd.

Country of Manufacture:Cyprus

Olvion Package Image

Review and Description

Olvion is one of Viagra generics offered to ED patients. Due to the alarming cost of Viagra brand that patients have to pay for sexual satisfaction, people are looking for cheaper alternatives to Pfizer’s Viagra.

There are several generic and branded options of ED drugs available in most part of the world, but not all can be trusted. All of them have one thing in common, and that is the active ingredient, Sildenafil Citrate or Tadalafil. Olvion makes use of Sildenafil Citrate as its main ingredient.

Sildenafil Citrate works by influencing phosphodiesterase type 5. It helps keep the blood flow to the penis. This increase in the blood volume to the male sex organ causes an erection.

ED can be assessed at different levels. If a patient cannot get or maintain an erection hard enough to penetrate during a sexual act, then he really has a dysfunction. This can occur at any age, but age is believed to a factor. Most patients diagnosed with ED are older men; normally in their 50s.

Olvion is produced by a Medochemie Ltd, a pharmaceutical group based in Cyprus. At present, they own 13 manufacturing plants; 1 in the Netherlands, 3 in Vietnam, and 9 in Cyprus. Their expansion has developed a network of trusted partners in Africa, Middle East, and America. The company was awarded less than 4,000 authorization licenses for over 600 products grouped in more than 10 fields. There is nothing to worry about the quality of their products as all are produced in full compliance with European guidelines.

Medochemie is a founding member of Medicines for Europe, which is formerly known as EGA.

Customer Reviews

Reviews are not intended to advertise drugs or recommend a specific therapy technique but are very helpful. This is our way of knowing whether a specific brand is effective and safe for human consumption. Most companies would perform a set of clinical trials, which should be approved and monitored by government agencies like FDA. It is only through product reviews that we can know this kind of information. Most people are in the hunt for a cheaper alternative to Viagra. But does the drug’s cost outweigh the risks? That is the question we need to answer. We need to get the safety info from the previous patients to be sure. Unfortunately, even after a thorough research, we found nothing online, perhaps because this drug is only available in the manufacturer’s local country. Even if the producer has a good reputation in the field of pharmacy, not all of their products perform equally the same. It is still best to discuss this with your physician or look for other brands for the meantime until more information about Olvion is published online for reference.

Pricing and Dosage

A single box of Olvion 100 mg contains 8 tablets. Based on the price marketed online, each pill would then cost you $2.92. Not quite competitive as compared to other local ED brands.

Olvion contains the highest dose perfect suitable for consistent users. This should only be taken once a day. Store at room temperature and dry. Keep it out of reach for kids and pets.

How to Buy OlvionOnline

How to Buy OlvionOnline

Olvion is not being offered internationally, despite the acclaimed partnership of its manufacturer to other countries. This product is not included in the list of drugs that they export yet. This then limits their opportunity to become the leading supplier of an effective ED drug, which could possibly beat Viagra.

Without legit reviews and limited purchasing option, men would prefer other alternatives. Fildena, which is available in different dosages, is becoming more popular nowadays. It has been proven effective and is readily available for online purchasing at a reasonable cost. You choose between 25 mg, 50 mg, or 100 mg tablets. The more tablets you purchase, the more discounts you get.

The lowest price available for Fildena is $2.00 per tablet if you would purchase it in bulk.

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How to Use

Sildenafil drugs are normally available in tablets of 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. Olvion has the highest dosage.

This drug can be taken 30 minutes prior starting any activity, and the effect may last up to 4-5 hours. No food restriction is required, but there could be a possibility that absorption and effect will be delayed if taken after a high-fat meal like fries, burgers, and fish.

The maximum dosage per day should be 100 mg, which is equivalent to a single tablet of Olvion. Never take more than what is recommended to avoid unwanted side effects. It is also advised not to drink alcohol because it can delay the process of reaching an erection.

Side Effects

Similar to other ED drugs, Olvion may produce some side reactions. Most of which are mild and don’t last longer than an hour or two. The most common ones include a headache, facial flushing, and stomach discomfort. Changes in vision (colors are affected), eye sensitivity to light, blurring of vision are not common but possible side effects.

In severe cases associated with overdosing, some men would complain of painful and prolonged erection. If this happens, call your doctor immediately. If not treated right away, this may cause permanent damage to your organ.

Irregular heartbeats, stroke, and heart attack were rarely reported and are almost always associated with self-medication and overdosing as well.

Conclusion with Rating

Olvion manufactured by Medochemie Ltd. in Cyprus is a promising drug that needs user reviews and expansion in the global setting. It makes use of a very potent ingredient Sildenafil Citrate, which has already proven its worth in the treatment of ED. Medochemie Ltd. also has a very good background and is believed to be capable of producing drugs that are worth a spotlight in the international market. But as of the moment, they have failed to include Olvion in their growing list of exported drugs, thus limiting the number of its users and feedback. Because of these reasons, can give this drug a fair rating now of 2 out of 5.