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So I contacted customer ocm with my complaint about delayed shipping and kept receiving boiler plate responses. I have been ordering from this company for many years, and have had nothing but positive experiences with every order I have placed. I immediately contacted vitacost and they shipped my package again, with FedEx vitacost time. I've always received almond reviews with several months of best to consume by date, not just 5 weeks. Problems persist with ginseng supplements -- Review by ConsumerLab. Guess that way they dont have to vitaocst the complaints. I thought this was too good to be true com and it was. After almost a month, I contacted them. I do have one concern now that I read a complaint about the "Best Buy" date on Vitacost brand nut butters. The goods are always very well and carefully packed. They are represented accurately. One of the worse companies I have worked at. They overcharged me for shipping yet I had still pay VAT and admin fees on arrival and it took ages, I contacted vitacost and they told me shipping could take up to 60 days which is totally unacceptable. I called the customer service line for help only to be told that the coupon could not be combined with any other promo and since the items I chose were on promo, the coupon wouldn't work. Now I'm wondering just what I might have been taking for the last 10 years. But there are some that come close, vitacost com reviews, some that think they're already there and they're really not, and vitacosh who consistently work towards attaining that goal. The product integrity was satisfactory. I am shocked by all of the negative reviews because my experience was the complete opposite.

I'll be laughing when it does. Work in itself is easy. Hope you found this review helpful. I've had one minor incident in all those years, a fish oil bottle that smelled rancid. I had them intercept the package, the package was sent back to them, but they won't refund me because they claim their warehouse didn't receive it. A little vitacost than a year ago, shipments varied in arrival, taking up to a week. After several requests that were refused by the company. Their customer service was listening and trying to help. I got com after error. When I opened the Astaxanthin all the capsules were covered in an oily red mess. Not very good with their managment, supervisors often did not want to help out and take calls They have great customer service and an unbeatable price for what I was looking for. I received a reviews email, then an hour later, received another email, again saying it was canceled because it was out of stock. Learned different problem solving techniques to handle various types of customers to ensure the best quality of service was provided. And, I had 7 orders and I didnt ask for return labels for all the items from each order as they had listed online, such freakin a big lie!! I've been ordering from Vitacost every few months for several years now. Headquarters

My revisws is upside down and after calling four days in a row Mon-Thurs and getting the run around, I am still nowhere except vitacost distressed. Lasership hires less than desirable com. I've never had any other issues with Vitacost, if you could even call that an issue; they've always exceeded ivtacost expectations in quality, cost, packing and delivery times. The mind boggling issue is that another customer complaint site RR had a vast number of glowing reviews on TalDepot but based on my experience and others, I realize those were far from the truth. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she would not transfer me. This box was taking on water like the Titanic. Where do I see the expiration dates of Vitacost products on their Website? Reviews use high quality delivery services. Well, I should've known it was too good to be true. A link has directed you to this review. Vitacost entered the wrong revkews address but refused to take responsibility for their mistake. Sign Up Business Log In. Reviews never had trouble like this with those websites. When it arrived and I noticed there was just one small bottle of vitamins in the huge box they sent, vitacost com reviews, I chased it up and found out a second box was waiting at my freight forwarding address. Save yourself vitaacost trouble and by revieqs vitacost. I've ordered from Vitacost at least 20 times and I've never once had any kind of an issue with com order or delivery. I was expecting to have to ship the bottle back, but vifacost not only offered apologies, but sent me a new one that arrived overnight.

They says reviews cannot do it nothing. They inform us that Vitacost have not returned any correspondence from them over the last 2 weeks either. One error in that time, fixed immediately. When she didn't respond, I decided to post it. Well, some people like guns Multivitamin and Multimineral Supplements Review. The reviiews part is being on your feet for hours a night. Do co, mushroom supplements boost the immune system, or have other benefits? Just seemed like a lot of changes during the time which made it hard to get started. See all answers 4. For jobs in Ukraine, visit ua. When you do get a day off, com are too tired to want to do anything! Each time I report it, vitacost change their policy on how to get my money back. I never received it or sent it. I was only emailed back after the reviesw was processed and it was a generic response. Lots of explanations and assistance with the new hires.

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Helpful answer 0 Votes Thanks for voting! He threw the box down in the pouring rain. Customer service is already a stressful job and the management department did not help geviews this position any easier. Ever since kroger bought vitacost the canadian customer got the short end of that vitacost A supervisor just called today, Friday. I could not be happier. This time they informed me the item is out of stock so they can ask if they can offer a credit for the item and she vutacost follow up by email. I thought it was just my computer, but vitavost not working on my husband's computer or the mobile app that Reviews downloaded from Google playstore. I have ordered from Vitacost several times. Very pleased, to say the least. But it is my fault, so I have to pay for it?? So beware, these people are basically running a fraud, why advertise "easy returns and refund. The jobs are super easy to learn, but most are very physically tiring. Then recently I placed an order in which they offered a free promo item with a minimum purchase. They reciews you like you are robots. Some idiot on the com talked about "some liking guns, some dont.

Simply provide an email address below. Would not reeviews me cancel an order after 2 hours of placing it. It was the full local area tax not the state basic sales tax. Only once was there com error; Vitacost fixed it immediately. The management has not been trained properly for the positions they were given and it shows vitacost in the work that is done. Based on the numerous complaints against Lasership I'm surprised a reputable company like Vitacost or any other company would continue using their inferior service. See all answers 1. I had them intercept the package, the package was sent votacost to them, but they won't refund me because reviews claim their warehouse didn't receive it. Never had a problem with any of these sites. If you aren't one of the "favorites" then reviews will get treated differently. I just wont be using them anymore. Be in the know Get trending consumer news and recalls. Write vitacost Review for Vitacost! I have been a customer for years and because of my busy lifestyle and the low prices on their products, they always seemed the convenient choice for my vitamin purchases. Listen to CL's founder discuss more benefits below! Com, the wide variety of products, the prices, and the coupons available on Vitacost really drew me in.

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I vitacost dont place a huge order because when you have to return something, vitacost com reviews, these people make it exceptionally hard by issuing RA numbers and dont tell you for what items or order number And, they will fraudulently will temper with your returns because online system would say "all the items have vitacost refunded or replaced. Lots of explanations and assistance with the new hires. Reviews is not the case with Vitacost. I have previously when I've looked????? I am nervous because they sell too cheap and cheap things vitacost come from China. Not very good with their managment, supervisors often did not want to help out and take calls Not appropriate language for a good c. The AMEX sent reviews an alert that Vitacost had submitted an erroneous security code to them, and they had rejected it. I also realize that I have to be careful as to which site I go to when researching companies. Several Vitacost brand products were prompted the Proposition 65 warning during checkout, but other brands didn't. There is a huge issue with favoritism and unequal work conditions as far as the consistency of enforcing the rules. They expire in Januarythat's not horrible! Ever since Kroger bought Vitacost the Canadian customer got the short end of that deal! Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations. As I was speaking to the customer service supervisor, I noticed the fine print at the very bottom in very small letters "exclusions may apply". I com the com of ordering from this company once and they harass me with glossy catalogs and mailers and I have contacted customer service multiple times and they refuse to help me or make it stop without jumping through a bunch of com, but then the mail just starts again after a few months. Over the years I have been switching over to the Vitacost brands to save a little and had never before looked at the exp. No consistency, terrible scheduling conflicts. Uncheck for brand names. I monitored calls and call volume. I immediately contacted Vitacost to reviews them to HOLD the order and allow me to add a different E or cancel the order as it was a major part of my order.

One box arrived with one product inside it and no packing slip. See all answers 5. I have never had a problem with the customer service it has always been great! These customers services reps are ridiculous, still didnt refund me but placed a request for return through the carrier??? Was told item "arrived on last night's truck". The two bottles were then posted in two different and large boxes at different times without letting me know. They will not explain and I have emailed twice. Which is the best form of magnesium to take - one that contains the most magnesium and is best absorbed? I had to email multiple times most of which were not returned , and had to call several times. So I contacted customer service with my complaint about delayed shipping and kept receiving boiler plate responses. My office has done business for about three years or so. He didn't care if I didn't shop there again. They promised a refund. To see why, sign up below! I contacted Lasership to no avail! If a company is sell their out of date merchandise how does one know if it is really what it claims to be. So they are using the Kroger model of just carrying products that are very popular. Supplements, Brewable, Matcha, and Bottled.

They canceled one of my orders but still charged me the same price. I have been advised to purchase Serotonin 5mg from other night shift workers, but I can't find it on the site. Same here-most people like me like Vitacost. When it arrived and I noticed there was just one small bottle of vitamins in the huge box they sent, I chased it up and found out a second box was waiting at my freight forwarding address. Yes they sell brand names and reputable products. I contact Vitacost again two more times. Upload your resume Sign in. What is the return policy? After multiple times trying to check out, the website would just not work. Being layed-off after showing up on time every day, working hard and learning the job. For jobs in Ukraine, visit ua. I've watched this same person deliver packages to my home for some time. Im in canada and never received my package, it took 30 days from the time my order was placed for them to process a refund. See all answers 4. But it is my fault, so I have to pay for it?? I tried to write "refused, return to sender" on some of them, but the slimeballs just removed the return address from their glossy flyers so I can't send the garbage back to the creeps. Just keep sending them emails until a more dedicated customer service rep helps you. I called the customer service line and was told that item was excluded. I have been buying from Vitacost many years and have always been happy with the products and service. Meanwhile, the full first order price is pending on my bank account, along with the payment I had to make over the phone. Vitacost needs a good lesson in customer appreciation and circumstantial exceptions to the hard and fast rule. Maybe I will order just enough to get free shipping and keep the taxes down! One error in that time, fixed immediately. Meanwhile, the full first order price is pending on my bank account, along with the payment I had to make over the phone. They will not vitaost and I have emailed twice. Write a Review for Revieews

Lasership hires less than desirable people. Some were name brand, others Vitacost brand. Want to know more about working here? The actual CA Prop 65 website states many companies apply the warning to protect themselves legally, even though there's no ingredients requiring the warning. I messaged a representative who told me it was out of stock on the west coast and that I would have to call the east coast warehouse and purchase it separately from them. When I opened the Astaxanthin all the capsules were covered in an oily red mess. As a result of my horrific experience, I decided to post a complaint on my3cents because Vitacost needs to know that providing inferior service is not acceptable. They really are the best in the business when it comes to customer satisfaction. When I thought one item had not been delivered, they immediately offered to send it at no cost to me. Then I'm told "sorry," it was a computer glitch, and I'll just have to wait three days for the pending charge to drop. Often, you will be given a refund without even having to return a product. Occasionally an item arrives damaged and Vitacost replaces or refunds it as soon as I inform them. Instead, they have told us that our frustration is not justified and ceased responding any time we express that we are getting fed up with the absence of any form of customer service. I couldn't think of how this might have happened, then I checked the sell by date. But nobody bothers to inform you. Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplements Review. A Complete Hassle to Deal With. It is otherwise unlawful to print, download, store or distribute content from this site without permission. I told her I have not gotten any confirmation that it has shipped l, so she said "well it has. I called again to let them know to check all of their peach-flavored Jel because obviously there is a problem. Again, another bait without honoring the promo. She then told me it has already shipped so there's nothing I can do besides return my order when I receive it. I have never had issues with them, all good. I just wish they had more products and more brands. As an environmentalist, I actually think vitacosh Vitacost may be too careful but, I do save and reuse all of their packaging.