Confidence Tablet Review: ED Brand For Confidence in Your Performance 

Confidence Tablet Review

Brand: Confidence Tablet

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Aglowmed Drugs Pvt. Ltd.

Country of Manufacture: India

Confidence Package/Tablets Image

Review and Description

Confidence 50 has 50 mg of Viagra in each tablet. The manufacturer claims that this pill can help to improve sexual stamina, alertness, performance, during the moments when it is needed most.

Sildenafil is beyond doubt the most common ingredient of drugs that claim to increase the male stamina and erection hardness. It works by improving the gush of blood towards the penis on erotic stimulation. All this happens due to increase in the circumference of arteries supplying blood to male sex organs due to blockade of the so-called PDE5 enzyme. Sildenafil itself is no doubt a thing that can be trusted for its special effects, thus for anyone going to buy a pill for impotence, primary concern remains is the quality of manufacturing. The aim of the patient is to buy the highest quality product at a fraction of the price of Viagra.

North Indian company named Aglowmed Pvt. Ltd. Produces the Confidence 50 tablets. A tablet aimed to increase the male self-confidence in his sexual power, or as the company says, to help perform the stud work better. However, with all the nice-sounding claims and names, this is an unknown company even in the locality where it produces this drug. India is well known to house lots of small producers of cheap generic drugs, some worthy and other of uncertain quality. Aglowmed did not create any real impression on us, as by no mean it is a company that is known for any quality products.

Customer Reviews

Aglowmed Pvt. Ltd. Is not even known in the local market, so no surprise that it is neither known internationally or in the online world. There are no online reviews for this product. So, what we have is a nice sounding product name, not known to anybody, neither the manufacturer is known in the local market. Buying such product would surely be a risky deal, not worth your hard-earned bucks, especially when there is no shortage of super-duper quality products on the various online store. Being adventurous is good, but not when it comes to health and medicine. Adventurous life can only be enjoyed only when there is health. Thus, risking with such unknown product would not make any sense.

Pricing and Dosage

This product is available on few online pharmacies, but each gives various information about this product. Some claim it to be having herbal components, while other arguing that this pill has 50 mg of sildenafil.  Assuming that this pill has only sildenafil, then for most men, one pill taken before sex would suffice. The product is priced in cheapest of the segment, with one 50 mg pill costing just 36 cents. Thus, the cost is not a barrier, but it is quality concern that remains the biggest problem with Confidence tablet.

How to Buy Confidence Tablet Online

When we searched for online, we did get few results for this product. However, on digging deeper on those online stores, we found that this product is not available. Most pharmacies would rather offer you some other replacement to this pill and they may be right to do that. As Confidence 50 is by no mean a product that has good reviews or known for quality.

How to Use

All Viagra like drugs has same pharmacokinetics and dynamics, which means that their way of working and intake remains the same. Approved dose for starting is 50 mg once before the stud work. Later depending on your feeling of erection either increase or decrease the dose. If the pill does not help on the first dose, no need to lose heart, but neither should another pill be taken on the same day. Rather you can take one more pill on the next day. If after taking this pill for 3-4 times, you do not feel the effect, then there is a need to either change the brand or consult the specialist.

Side Effects

There is no reason to panic after reading the list of various side effects of sildenafil, just remember that this is approved and tested pill. Most side effects are rare, and they are mentioned on the websites or product literature, due to legal reasons. Still, the question remains that what side effects are most common with sildenafil, well, experience shows that most people complain about the heavy and achy head, lost appetite and some discomfort in the nose. It happens due to dilation of various blood vessels and does not last long.

Conclusion with Rating

Confidence 50 tablet of sildenafil is claimed to increase stamina and alertness in men during intercourse, or as the company states, it helps to perform stud work better.  This tablet is mentioned to have sildenafil or Viagra in 50 mg dose to achieve the claimed effects in men.

There is not much to mention about the reviews of this product as they are vague, and information regarding the quality of this product at best can be specified as scarce. The other factor while discovering any product is to learn more about where and how’s of its production; Confidence 50 does not do well in this arena too. Aglowmed Pvt. Ltd. Is virtually unknown company, be it locally or internationally. This product completely failed to instill any confidence in us. The vacuum of information about this tablet along with low reputation or producer has left us with no choice, rather rate this product as 1-star.

Users looking to boost their sexual stamina would be better off to steer clear off this product and choose something that is known, recommended and produced by the big company. Lastly, we would recommend that it always makes sense to have an opinion of a doctor before you take any drug for sexual stamina or power.